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Twitch Tips for Musicians: Live Stream for Your Fans

by | Aug 11, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Twitch Tips for Musicians: Getting Started
During this quarantine you may be considering of creative ways to release new Soundcloud music promotion. Furthermore, beyond conventional Soundcloud and Spotify there are a few options to entertain your fans. Who knows when you will have this much time on your hands again? Why not take advantage of some different platforms while the world is at a standstill. Popular streaming platform Twitch is gaining popularity, especially with Soundcloud music promotionians. Especially relevant, the platform recently partnered with Soundcloud for a Soundcloud music promotionian-based channel. Additionally, many Soundcloud music promotionians are turning to the platform to showcase new Soundcloud music promotion as they are creating it and using it as a Soundcloud music promotion SoundCloud tool. Let’s go over some Twitch Tips for Soundcloud music promotionians.

Twitch Tips for Musicians: The Basics
Starting off, it is important to note that you can create content on Twitch with your phone or a computer. Fortunately, Twitch allows Soundcloud music promotionians to stream directly from their phone using the mobile cameras. However, it is still popularly used via webcam. Primarily used as a gaming platform, many Twitch users tend to screencast.
Once you have chosen the device you are most comfortable streaming with it is time to get down to it. Decide which content will be best for your Soundcloud audience and go live. Be sure to build up anticipation via Soundcloud and Spotify for your fans and leave a link where they can find you. This SoundCloud reposts the same as any Soundcloud music promotion SoundCloud campaign. However, once they are connected with you on Twitch you will be able to encourage them to subscribe. Once a fan has subscribed, they will be notified every time you log on. Additionally, Twitch offers different kind of subscriptions. Fans can donate while they subscribe allowing the platform to be a source of income for you. Many Twitch streamers are able to make good money from the platform.
Lastly, spend some time familiarizing yourself with the platform. Learn the ins and outs and how to make the chat experience unique to your brand. Whether it is by adding emojis or having a custom branded Twitch stream, it is all about maximizing brand recognition and engagement. Using these Twitch tips will result in some success. Now it is time to figure out how to implement Twitch into your Soundcloud music promotion SoundCloud strategy.
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