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Charles Wolfe

by | Jan 19, 2021 | New Artist Interviews | 0 comments

Charles Wolfe is an Independent Alternative Pop artist from the South West of the UK. His writing and voice are perfect timeless pop. The production is top shelf.

“I am self taught in all that I do and started my journey when my dad showed me how to play a few chords when I was young, from there I felt my way to where I am today.”

What do you love about creating music?
My first Love in music is lyricism closely followed by singing, and I also play guitar, bass
And try to pick up any instruments I have access to and play around till I find the sound I am hearing in my head. I do what I do because it is what moves me in life, it has always been the most important thing to me to the point of absolute obsession… I have been writing since the age of 10 when I forced my best friends to learn instruments so that I could have a band.. I remember we used to wash cars to earn cash around our neighbourhood to earn pocket money and I persuaded my friend that we should buy a crappy old drum kit which was falling apart and barely stayed up.. I then worked out how to play a simple beat with the kick, snare and hat.. then taught him how to do it and pestered him to practice… to my delight he took to it and we ended up forming a rock band which was my introduction to becoming an artist… as a child my parents had a few complaints from friends parents who took exception to me persuading their children to want to become mini David Bowie’s… this is sort of the story of my life and how I ended up being a solo artist who produces them-self.. it took me many years to learn that relying too much on others can hinder progress a lot… This year though I have started building a team of co-writers and collaborators and we are working on new material which will be coming out over the next year on a single by single basis…

I am currently working on the production of my third single ‘No Looking Back’ which was written with
‘Dan Weller’ who has been a massive inspiration to me as an artist and as the main influence in my production, I have recorded this song as with my first two releases ‘Not Alone’ and ‘Wake Up’ in my home studio out in the middle of nowhere in the English countryside.”

What I really want…
To get a meaningful song with an important message into the charts!

What is your greatest source of inspiration?
James Blake, Post Malone, Yungblud, Marilyn Manson, Nizlopi, Pharrel Williams, Rage Against The Machine, Donovan, Nirvana,Otis Redding, the list goes on and on

How have your life experiences influenced your music?
I was blessed to have an alternative upbringing, out in the countryside far from the city,
I was not allowed to watch TV and to indulge in computer gaming and was for the most part sheltered from the mainstream and pop culture.
instead we played outside and learned survival skills, martial arts, gymnastics, shooting, water sports, climbing and many
other exciting adventures…

My first experiences of music were my Mum and Dad who both play guitar and sing, around campfires singing songs like
‘The Streets of London’ by Ralph McTell and ‘Leaving on A Jet Plane’ by John Denver’ ‘Fast Cara’ by Tracy Chapman…
we would all sit and sing with friends until us kids fell asleep and then we would sleep around the fire before waking to the next days adventures…
this instilled into me a very organic appreciation for music and a very natural introduction to writing music as me and my friends would pick up the guitars
and just mess around, before long we were writing songs, through always approaching my music from the heart, I have managed to preserve my childlike
love of music and excitement in the creation process.. it is that sacred place for me where I know who I am, and what my place is in the world.

As a person who has never studied at University and who left school very young, I have had to learn the hard way in all aspects of my life…
there has been many ups and down’s, many trials and tribulations, none of which I would change as they have helped me to become the person
I am today, and to continue to strive for what I believe in and to express myself, to say the things I feel need to be said in a world which is becoming ever more
mechanical and automated, for what is the point of artistic expression if not to challenge? if not to provoke thought? in my view it is not about going along with everyone else and following trends in some vane effort to accumulate money and status, I personally feel that side of music has become in many peoples eyes what its all about and to me that is ugly, and so there is certainly a certain amount of rebelliousness in what I do, and the things I wish to say are definitely what drives me to pick up the guitar and to start writing a song, it is less about the music for me and more the need to express those thoughts and feelings that drives me as an artist, the music is secondary and I suppose more the vehicle designed to carry the lyrics and the message.

How can fans learn more about you?
SoundCloud –
Spotify –
Apple Music –
YouTube –
Website –

Can you give us a sample of Charles Wolfe music?

Supreme{PR} is excited to feature Charles Wolfe on our upcoming Supreme HEAT playlist compilation. Follow us at for updates.

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