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Introducing Sharmila: New Single “DNA Damage”

by | Jul 16, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Sharmila is a talented artist with a unique creative outlook. One of the most notable perks behind her music is definitely the fact that she is always eager to set the bar higher and experiment with new ideas. Her most recent studio release, “DNA Damage,” actually stands out as a more than adequate example of what I am talking about here.

The song features a wide variety of tasteful influences, ranging from melodic pop to soulful RNB melodies, and pretty much everything in between. As a result, Sharmila’s work is quite timeless and easy to relate to, appealing to listeners from all walks of life in a very seamless way.

This release is a total winner, because it really combines fantastic production aesthetics with valuable lyrical insights and a stunning performance, which at the end of the day, is really what this is all about! After all, the best music is all about connecting with listeners and expressing emotions, whether they are dark vibes or positive moods!

Sharmila took time out to answer some questions for us:

Hi Sharmila! You have a very unique name. Where did it come from? Where area are you from, and how do you think that influenced you as an artist? Hello Michael. My name is an Indian name i think, i read that it means ‘protection’, ‘comfort’ and ‘joy’. That’s all i know about my name. I’m from the Netherlands, also known as Holland and i was born in Amsterdam. I grew up in a Dutch family, you can compare it a bit with adoption. The area where you live and your environment, i think that always influences you as a person. It sure influenced me as a woman artist in a way that i had to deal with some challenges, but i write and sing about it.

Your influences range from melodic pop to r&b and more…who are some of your biggest musical influences, and what artist would you love to work with (dead or alive)? In my childhood i listened to a lot of music that was in the charts at that time, so 80’s and 90’s music and i always loved artists who could sing and dance. The music i listened to as a child were my biggest musical influences. ‘Michael and Janet’, NKOTB always artists who did sing and dance. If any collaboration i would love to work with artists from back in time.

Tell us about your new SoundCloud single, “DNA Damage.” Who wrote it, where was it recorded? Tell us about the story behind the song and recording process. The song ‘DNA Damage’, i wrote the song in 2011 after something happened to me in 2007. Even after that they caused me some serious DNA Damage. The song was recorded in the Netherlands.

Any plans to do any live performances? Where have you performed in the past? Any favorite places? In 2018 and 2019 i performed in the US. In 2018 I opened for boyband O-Town in Portland which was great.

What’s next for Sharmila? What can fans expect to hear from you in 2020? Not sure yet because of the situation now in the world and the lockdowns.. I had planned my 2nd album Soundcloud promotion package release and DNA Damage tour. Unfortunately now nothing is sure.

We wish you all the best Sharmila. Thank you for taking the time with us!

Find out more about Sharmila and do not miss out on “DNA Damage,” which is currently available on the web.

Interview with Netherlands Based Pop Artist Sharmila

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