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Interview: YungSavage RSO

by | Apr 14, 2021 | New Artist Interviews, New Rap Music Artists

Artist Name: YungSavage RSO

New Song/Release Title: Down ft. MellyX (Re-Mastered)

Tell us something about you that fans should know:

I consider myself to be a multi-talented expert/ artist. I rap and sing, play guitar and bass guitar, I play drums/ percussion, I make beats using MIDI via my desktop pc and multiple DAWs, I also do all of my own mixing, mastering, engineering, and producing right here in my home studio I built after my 2 month long hospitalization which resulted my a 3inch abscess deep in the center of my iliac muscle in my hip, during which I had to be resuscitated due to anaphylactic shock from an antibiotic that I didn't know I was deathly allergic too; I also experienced a G.I. tract bleed caused by the Anti Inflammatory Drug they were giving me through my IV along with my other pain medications to reduce the swelling and inflammation. Upon getting out of the hospital and coming home on a walker and having to re-learn to walk and having to regain my strength due to me not using my leg for my time in the hospital, I decided I was not going to one day later on in life regretting not perusing my dream for real with real ambition and perseverance. When I was 19 I wasted an opportunity that came to me out of no where at a time when I was really messed up, dealing with depression and PTSD from some traumatic situations that have really taken a tole on my mental health and severe poly-substance abuse issues especially IV methamphetamine and pharmaceutical opiates. The opportunity was that I got to move to West Viginia, Morgantown to be exact with a friend whom I was playing country music with as a duo, I played guitar finger and tapstyle and sang the back-up vocals, and my friend Ryan Kenberger was the lead vocalist and social media guy. We had quite the following on Vine at the time, and we the house band for the most badass bar in all of the State, Buck's Bar (est.1981), but I let my addiction which I had began to recover from during my time in WV take control of my decision making, and manipulated my family and friends into getting me on a bus back home to Tennessee, which ultimately led to more IV drug abuse, criminal activity, and even a felon conviction. If it was not for my wife, I would probably be in prison, or dead from overdose or some type of violence, I thank God for her everyday.

Where are you from and what’s the music scene like there?

I am from a little town called Clarkrange, aka "Crankrange" LOL. It is located in middle Tennessee just south of the Kentucky border. When it comes to the music scene as far as listeners tastes, the older generations typically are fans of Country, Gospel, or Oldies like Elvis and Conway Twitty, with of course some exceptions here and there which is the case with all of the demographics and age groups. When it comes to all the middle aged and young adults (ages 17+), the popular genre title is a close tie between Rock, Country, and Hip-Hop/ Rap. Then you have the younger generation, or people younger than 17 years old, and their musical tastes are typically influenced greatly by either their older siblings or other family members that happen to be young (13 years old to 20 years old), or influenced by their group of close friends and bandwagon Tik Tok trends, so anywhere from mainstream Hip-Hop, Indie, and Country all the way to Metal, and Rappers like Lil Baby and NBA Youngboy. Performing Musicians in my area typically are Metal Band member, Gospel Groups, Country or Southern Rock Groups, or Indie/ Acoustic singer/ songwriters. I am the only officially released and actively recording/ producing Hip-Hop/ Rap Artist that I am aware of, now I do know of a handful of aspiring artists whom I know personally or know of them through friends that I have been communicating with and working with to get them into my studio to start producing for them and get them started and maybe get started on one day creating my own label. I would like to give a shoutout to my two greatest inspirations for even beginning my journey back into writing and masking music, starting rapping, and pursuing post- High School education in sound/ audio engineering and music/ vocal production: My beautiful wife Danielle Nicole Carmack, I Love You Baby!!!! ; and my high school music instructor at Clarkrange High School, Mr. Charles Dungan, whom I had a lot of excellent and amazing fun times with as well as some struggles and friction caused by my rebellious attitude towards establishment and authority when I was younger, I appreciate you patience you had with me and all of the valuable lessons you taught me in life as well as in music, you are truly the "GOAT" Mr. Dungan or should I say, "Charles!" ; "FREE NBA YOUNGBOY!!!!!"

How have your life experiences influenced your music?

If I put it in my lyrics of my original song, then I have either seen it, done it, or just simply been through it in one way or another. I don't get too personal when it comes to the lyrics I write for or contribute to the artists I am beginning to work with and produce and engineer for. I have been linking up with any and all of the rappers where I am from and working with getting them in my studio, doing their recording, engineering, mixing, and mastering all completely free of charge. I have even been going as far as to breakdown music composition and music theory, song structure, rhyme schemes and patterns, counting beats, keeping time, and more etc…., to ensure that they are performing and creating the best possible content that they can on the budget we all have in common. We are all still in the trenches, broke as hell, and struggling, but I want to see us win, so I ain't sleeping on anybody, If they think they can rap, or just really want to give it a try I am letting into my studio sessions to chill, jam, and vibe to try to get a feel for it all, and when they are ready letting them get on the mic and let it flow. Its been an amazing experience so far, a combination of alot of highly focused skill and knowledge oriented work, enjoyment from getting to perform and create music, as well as very educational for my other artists, I had never saw myself being a teacher, but anything is possible I have come to find out!!!!!

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

I would have to say either Doobie , the Greenfield/ Columbus Ohio based SCFMG rapper; or MGK (Machine Gun Kelly), the Cleveland Ohio based Interscope rapper. I really think that we could create some seriously fire tracks together, given we all have something very unique in common: which is the fact that we all three take some of our inspiration from our love of rock-n-roll and heavy metal music, yet we do not sound like or fit into the category or subgenres of Rap- Metal or Emo- Rap.

Let’s have a listen to the new YungSavage RSO track:

#YungSavage RSO
Instagram: @yungsavage.bnd


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The Music Biz Bible


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