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Interview: Victor Ferrer

by | Feb 23, 2021 | New Artist Interviews | 0 comments

Artist Name: Victor Ferrer
Latest Release: The Machine

“I like to break the boundaries of pop music when I write my songs. I like to make music like NOTHING on the radio at that moment. I don’t wanna stay in the box that pop music is put in just to sound like everyone else. I make the kind of music that I like to listen to (pop/EDM), and I like to be 7 steps ahead instead of just sounding generic and like everybody else. If I’m in the mood to go to the club and dance, then thats the kind of music that I’ll make. I tend to have deeper meanings for each track that I write, writing music is the most invasive thing that I could do because the lyrics are so personal. But I like the rush and the anxiety because it makes me feel on top of the world.”

The track?
“The Machine” is the title track to my most recent record. It’s the most personal song to me because I talk about (in metaphors) my experiences with people trying to drag me down and trash talking my music. I refer to myself as a “machine” because it was like a cycle, like emotions were programmed to the point that it felt normal. But I sometimes had an “overheating” period where I just had a breaking point, but at the end I just go back to taking the criticism and toxic people while feeling no emotion. But eventually I overcame it and began to love myself, I cut the toxic people out of my life, and now I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. “The Machine” is an upbeat, dark, and uplifting EDM/Pop record that you can dance to when you’re feeling down or if you’re in a good mood. When you listen to the album as a whole, you’ll feel on top of the world and you’ll feel unstoppable, which is what I wanted people to feel after listening to this album.

Dream collaboration?
Lady Gaga

Where is home and what is the scene like?
I’m from New Jersey, but I’m currently in Arizona for a while. I don’t really know any other musicians besides a few friends who also make music (although I would love to network and meet other musicians). I was planning on playing shows at bars and clubs but then COVID hit, so I’m hoping that it can be over soon so I can get out there.

How has living life influenced your music?
Whenever I’m depressed, going through things, or even in a really good mood, I always write music. Because that’s when you’re most vulnerable, and that’s when your music is most true to you. All of the hardships that I’ve been through have taught me many lessons and have influenced my music in many ways, it gives me ammunition to connect with the listener and hopefully form a bond that says “you’re not going through anything alone because I can relate to you”.

Favorite movie?
My favorite movies are Step Brothers and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I don’t really identify with anyone from Step Brothers, I just find it hilarious and a classic. But in Scott Pilgrim, I identify with Scott, Ramona, and Julie. I always date people who have exes that wanna wiggle their way into my significant other’s life, and I always have to fight for them to not let them back in their lives and bring them down. But at the other end of the stick, I myself also have a million exes (and I dye my hair crazy colors frequently). Like Julie, I am very blunt and sarcastic, but I think thats a good thing…?

Let’s plug that Victor Ferrer music!

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Interview: Ferrer/Victor Ferrer

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The Supreme Team is excited to feature Victor Ferrer on our upcoming Supreme HEAT playlist compilation. Follow us at for updates.

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