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Interview: OfficialJ.R

by | Mar 1, 2021 | New Artist Interviews, New in Hip Hop

Artist Name: OfficialJ.R
Latest Release: Single's:Run it to/I Be shooting/Going back ft.E.B

“J.R Wassup 2nd Interview up on the supreme record's, feel's good to be back up on here, yall know ima rapper n shi up going big as my rap name J.R is dope to make music have the feel's u want, n no one taking what u have up in mind but like is dope to be up on here new 14 year old going big.
Interviewer: J.R is a 14 Year Old rapper,really Young n fighting for what he want's. Has a career up with the RSU studio n with us contact with the Supreme Record's. J.R was born in Arizona,born:June,11,2006 and Youngest rapper to make a good hit up on a rlpeally awesome flow!!! Run It To.”

The track?
Interviewer:Tell us about your new track going back J.R?? And tell us how it feel's to hit top star on your music Run It To??
J.R:yeah!! My new song going back was Ina time that I would hang out with yall know g's n shi n we like a group n shi n we thought of smokin weed around a school n shi, n yuh is a long story but we got caught n sent to jail few week's I got out n this was like month's ago n shi n when like I was up on the studio I remembered about tha and did the music going back yall feel me.
Interviewer:yeah I get it TALK TO THE WORLD ABOUT YOUR “BIG HIT RUN IT TO”??
J.R:Yall know it was a tough one to make but didn't know it was going to take big hit's and now it's on rlly big shi n as a promoter found out who I was he went to a big hit n post it out n out of the way it started getting hit's and got to the star of the month n the song was Run it to, so like I said Till The End we gotta keep hittin on what we want.

Dream collaboration?
Rich Brian,Young M.A n future

Where is home and what is the scene like?
Im from Arizona up on here at Kansas shout out to my fan's n brother's up on here is a Young age to be a rapper but like this is dis is for all yall who don't think can take a hit on something yall love, u just gotta go for it yall know.
Interviewer:yeah it's a inspiration for Young kid's who want to make a hit, thank u J.R for a part 2 on surpreme record's and also being the youngest teen rapper having big stream'sand want's to achieve something,
J.R:Thank yall for having me here

How has living life influenced your music?
Not gonna lie it has been abig impact in my life. The way how music is like something I can't miss and no matter what is just something im fosho funna do in the future take it hit's and keep the Till The End-J.R

Favorite movie?
The RSU Studio,this record's and brothers n fan's thank yall

Find on social:


Soundcloud Official J.R

Youtube:Jairo Blanco-baez


#OfficialJ.R #thesupremeteam

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The Music Biz Bible


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