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by | Mar 22, 2021 | New Artist Interviews, New in Hip Hop


New Song/Release Title: J+J

Tell us something about you:
Well im from fort myers florida which is also the home of the rapper plies, he did a song with kodak black and it blew up huge. i stayed in naples and estero for a few days or weeks at a time and met people like brendan bennet and nate traveller who showed me that it is definitely possible to make it out of here after plies did it. i mean look at dominic fike right? dude is from naples and lived not that far at all from where i was staying and hes done songs with kenny beats and is close as hell with halsey. my kind of music is hard to describe to be honest, its a mix between underground south florida rap with a splash of nirvana and frank sinatra. ive been opening eyes like crazy with my style and growing a bigger and bigger fan base by the day. i know i have what it takes to make it out but i know theres a few more things i need to go through in life before i deserve it.

Im from Fort Myers, Florida but i was raised in Lehigh Acres. Legit EVERYONE around me is obsessed with trap, hard rap, and the occasional small dose of country music…polo g is someone pretty much everybody here listens to also. not a huge variety to be honest.

My mother played a huge part in making me who i am. i can go from listening to heavy metal to dean martin to country music and have every lyric memorized. shes showed me that theres so much more to music than a catchy chorus and a beat that makes your shoe tap the floor.
i started playing the guitar in 4th grade after i had got one for christmas. i knew nothing about to tune it, string it, even how to strum correctly. nobody around me played either. i used to listen to songs and figure out which notes on the guitar sounded like the notes in songs like smoke on the water or seven nation army. After that i had a fairly good idea of how to work the thing. Youtube helped alot too.
I was always the kid growing up that nobody really talked to cause they were made to feel uncomfortable or scared. i did that on purpose though, i preferred to be alone. i used to hum different things id want to play on the guitar and think about getting home so i could go straight into my garage and start playing.
in 8th grade my dad bought me a $30 mic kit that came witha metal arm and pop filter. it was horrible quality i realize now but at the time i thought i was the shit after setting it up.
now i have a good setup worth a few thousand dollars. its just gonna go up from here

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
id love to collaborate with ilytommy one day, i met him once on a video call but all i did was freestyle for him.

Let’s have a listen to the new FORREST BONES track:



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