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Interview: CongrapperAlive

by | Feb 20, 2021 | New Artist Interviews | 0 comments

Artist Name: CongrapperAlive
Latest Release: 4DaBlood

“I am the humble artist ,I Broadcast My feelings on music and Let the brain work on Studio as the producer. I like co-ordination or collaboration with artist's with an enormous supervision. I take music as the life progress future and with dream of the Universal Global Universal Empire, I pull up the plug with My code with Everything I have.”

Tell us all about this new track of yours!
My music all of them, got the drip, huge plug , the Rhythm let an Artist Mind to flow and free. It's a pure drip that enhance Light source of the dominant code which you intend to represent in Public in front of them.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
Gucci mane

Where are you from and what is the music scene like?
Am from the streets , music where am coming from it's like poetry expressing your feelings as the Universal freedom of speech without rules which need to be had By people or get them updated about the current situation of people's lives. Music assist or boost Our people with Higher infinite Power which Help's Our People.

How have your life experiences influenced your music?
My life became a mess more when I entered in varsity cause I had many enemies who trying to put me down in the res, but when I turn on the Computer and prepare My self to flow My mind and everything I have, making an Instrumental the power rejuvenate in My blood, strength or power remains and grow because Universal Global Entertainment does fall for My drip and plug, that keeps me pushing forward no matter what until am capacitated. The way I hear Instrumentals flowing on My Mind and dripping on me, that gives me strength to be unstoppable and have an enormous hope for tomorrow or even next better days. Music Became a Light in Me cause it shows at least I can bring an astonishment by Any how in front of My enemies, and make people who believe in me smile and enjoy What I bring to them when they hear My plug.

Which character in your favorite movie do you most identify with? Why?
Character: Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves in the movie had been portrayed as the person who does he's duty fighting obstacles which prohibits him from achieving his Goals, but however thou he got plenty enemies but to runaway from them wasn't a choice, but to turn around fighting against his enemy is the choice cause the goal is to defeat an enemy and achieve life goals for the entire life generation maybe forever without doubts or without picking any remorse for an Enemy or from hater who tries to prohibits him or terminate his life. he's unstoppable.

Can you give us a sample of CongrapperAlive music?

#rap #hiphop #pop #interview #CongrapperAlive

The Supreme Team is excited to feature CongrapperAlive on our upcoming Supreme HEAT playlist compilation. Follow us at for updates.

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