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Interview: BandoMoss

by | Feb 22, 2021 | New Artist Interviews | 0 comments

Artist Name: BandoMoss
Latest Release: Trippy

“I'm a Rap artist (born September 16, 1996), known by BandoMoss from Mississippi. After the release of my second project "Lost in the Glo" back in 2016, I started receiving recognition earning a spot in the top upcoming artist online. Recently, in 2020; I released my third project "Free Codeine Mixtape" which is now available on all online platforms.

About "Free Codeine" Mixtape:

Almost immediately, BandoMoss proves that the straightforward mixtape title “Free Codeine” is an open invitation to groove. When those initial vocal twists ring out on “When I First Left The Porch”, they inject a steady stream of endorphins through your headphones, making head nodding compulsory. Creating a full-on vibe and mood-inducing mixtape may not seem like a momentous task, but creating one with this level of precision and individuality is.

All across the recording, BandoMoss' delivery is seamless, his varying-pitched vocal tones grinding against the lively production. There are no dull moments on this mixtape, largely due to the vast distinctions between each of the beats, and the rappers ever-changing flows.

Unlike many other feature-heavy releases this year, BandoMoss doesn’t rely on the presence of others to hold down the songs; his performance actually stands alone. He undoubtedly controls each of the 12 tracks, radiating a hazy psychedelic throughout each track. From “Too Much” to “On The Way” and “Show Me”, his performances are hypnotizing, as he weaves his way through skittering hi-hats and bass booming beats.

Almost all of the tracks could stand alone as a strong demonstration of what BandoMoss does best, but they also work together to create a cohesive project. He’s as flamboyant as hell, riding the steady beat of “Mr.Duwap”, while “Perfect” is both coolly synthetic and warmly pastoral.

“Im Booted Up,” is an undeniably gorgeous piece of twisted vocal bravado. BandoMoss is rapping with a masterful sense of song-craft, over some of the richest beats. And even when they tend towards the minimal, as on the piano driven “Andale”, he still rides them like a pro.

“Hands Up” comes out of block with a booming bottom end, and laced with eardrum tickling vocals, but it’s on “Whip That Dope” that BandoMoss is at his freewheeling best, as he flexes his melodic chops, which are as strong here as they’ve ever been.

The refined weirdness of this mixtape makes for a thoroughly pleasurable listen. BandoMoss’ voice has a color and distinctness that transcends any urban genre, but when he encapsulates it in the culture of trap, the possibilities are endless.

“Gas In My Tank” is another key moment on the record with its bombastic sound. BandoMoss’ resonant vocal energy bar for bar, leads to some truly wonderful banter here. “Plug Bitch” is loaded with ad-libs, punchlines and explicit wordplay, while showing off another of the mixtape’s strong points – the quality of production and complexity of the beats.

BandoMoss "Free Codeine" mixtape is now available online on all platforms.”

The track?
Been a laid back person i only think it's right to give the people what they want and truly desires by creating straightforward full-on vibe and mood-inducing music that's related to gangsta rap, southern trap, and drill.

Dream collaboration?
Gucci Mane

Where is home and what is the scene like?
Mississippi is not really on the map in the rap and hip hop music scene but, there is a lot of potential.

How has living life influenced your music?
Struggling everyday wanting something and to be better then i was yesterday by turning nothing in to something so everyday i inspire myself to try and do something and not only influence myself but, others as well with my music.

Favorite movie?
My favorite movie is American Gangster; i can relate to Denzel Washington because he is straightforward and real like me.

Let’s plug that BandoMoss music!

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The Supreme Team is excited to feature BandoMoss on our upcoming Supreme HEAT playlist compilation. Follow us at for updates.

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