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How Soulful, Storytelling Songwriters get on Spotify

by | Apr 5, 2021 | New Artist Interviews, New Rap Music

If you are a songwriter, a soulful, truth-telling, musical storyteller, you may not have skills or interest in music production software and technology.  Sitting at a computer feeling frustrated with a software program, is not your vibe — when you could be playing guitar and writing songs. Most articles about “How to Get Your Music onto Spotify,” tell about uploading music and cover art.  With Record Labels, Artists Could Be Artists If you already have a professional audio recording you’re good to go. In some cases, however, getting a professional recording is easier said than done.  Back in the time of record labels, artists could be artists and the label managed the recording process. We live in a different time. Musicians are expected to write, produce and promote their songs. It’s a lot to expect from one person.  The Language of Songwriting is about Feelings The language of music production is about technology and it may feel like a jumble of words for some artists. For example: Spotify can support either FLAC or WAVE format, but it recommends using FLAC as it’s much easier for Spotify to work with. Target the loudness level of the master at -14 dB integrated LUFS and keep it below -1 dB TP max. This is best for the lossy formats Spotify uses and will ensure no extra distortion is introduced in the transcoding process. The entire album plays back at -14 DB LUFS from start to finish, and the gain compensation applied by Spotify won’t change between tracks. If it’s too soft, it means that the master is probably more compressed than other tracks. Because Spotify level matches, the most dynamic masters will stand out as the loudest. 16 bit (sample size) 44.1 kHz (sample rate) 1411 kbps (bit rate) stereo WAV files** If this feels overwhelming, you are not alone.  Artists who are more focused on the craft of writing songs have been using ItyDity for song production.   ItyDity is an innovative music company that matches singer-songwriters with vetted producers in a comfortable, supported way.  Respectful, Helpful, Friendly Every artist wants a recording that honors the song and their own style. Through ItyDity’s hands-on, guided process, singer-songwriters get their songs produced — without having to become a music production software expert.   The folks at ItyDity are artist advocates. The process is respectful, helpful, friendly.  It starts with a 1:1 conversation with a Song Specialist… and ends with a professional, radio-ready song.  Artists get the right digital recording files they need to put their music on Spotify.  To start a conversation contact     SoundCloud Promotion Supreme{PR} is a Texas based Organic SoundCloud Promotion Agency with a focus on music promotion streaming platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify. We generate real engagement through our partnerships with the largest promotion networks. Supreme{PR} provides 100% transparent services and remarkable customer service.  Reposts to 1 Million SoundCloud Followers USD $28.00 Buy Reposts to 2 Million SoundCloud Followers USD $40.00 Buy Reposts to 3 Million SoundCloud Followers USD $55.00 Buy Reposts to 5 Million SoundCloud Followers USD $75.00 Buy Reposts to 8 Million SoundCloud Followers USD $100.00 Buy Reposts to 10 Million SoundCloud Followers USD $130.00 Buy Reposts to 20 Million SoundCloud Followers USD $220.00 Buy THE SUPREME BOOST USD $349.00 USD $269.00 Buy Reposts to 30 Million SoundCloud Followers USD $310.00 Buy Load More @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { table#wpt_table.wpt_temporary_table_55274.wpt_product_table th.wpt_thumbnails,table#wpt_table.wpt_temporary_table_55274.wpt_product_table .wpt_thumbnails,table#wpt_table.wpt_temporary_table_55274.wpt_product_table th.wpt_quick,table#wpt_table.wpt_temporary_table_55274.wpt_product_table .wpt_quick,.hide_column_for_mobile_only_for_selected{ display: none!important;} table#wpt_table.mobile_responsive.wpt_temporary_table_55274.wpt_product_table tr { border: 1px solid #ddd; margin-bottom: 5px;} table#wpt_table.mobile_responsive.wpt_temporary_table_55274.wpt_product_table td { border-bottom: 1px solid; position: relative; text-align: left; padding-left: 8px !important; height: 100%; border: none; border-bottom: 1px solid #ddd; } /* table#wpt_table.mobile_responsive.wpt_temporary_table_55274.wpt_product_table td,table#wpt_table.mobile_responsive.wpt_temporary_table_55274.wpt_product_table td.wpt_check,table#wpt_table.mobile_responsive.wpt_temporary_table_55274.wpt_product_table td.wpt_quantity{ width: 100%; } */ table#wpt_table.mobile_responsive.wpt_temporary_table_55274.wpt_product_table td.wpt_quantity { min-height: 57px; } table#wpt_table.mobile_responsive.wpt_temporary_table_55274.wpt_product_table td.wpt_thumbnails { height: 100%; padding: 7px; } table#wpt_table.mobile_responsive.wpt_temporary_table_55274.wpt_product_table td.wpt_description { min-height: 55px; height: 100%; padding: 7px; } table#wpt_table.mobile_responsive.wpt_temporary_table_55274.wpt_product_table td.wpt_action{ min-height: 62px; height: auto; } table#wpt_table.mobile_responsive.wpt_temporary_table_55274.wpt_product_table td.data_product_variations.woocommerce-variation-add-to-cart.variations_button.woocommerce-variation-add-to-cart-disabled.wpt_action{ height: 100%; padding: 7px 0; } table#wpt_table.mobile_responsive.wpt_temporary_table_55274.wpt_product_table td:before { width: 88px; white-space: normal; background: #b7b7b736; position: absolute; left: 0; top: 0; height: 100%; text-align: right; padding-right: 10px; } /*VARresponsiveTableLabelData*/ } table tr.wpt_row td.wpt_quoterequest.addedd{ display: block !important; }

HUM (Hype Urban Music) is proud to present interviews with our favorite new Rap, Hip-Hip and Electronic Music artists from around the world.  These are the talents of tomorrow, brought to you today in an engaging traditional interview format.

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