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Can You Buy Your Way Into the Soundcloud SoundCloud Charts?

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Artists to Watch

The trend on SoundCloud, particularly with channels, is to pair consistent reposts to be able to accelerate follower development. That other channel receive uploads that are consistent also, and may then do the same. If multiple stations repost the exact same song every day, you’re unlikely to click it. They end up unfollowing them or ignoring the stations. That is not to say that all repost Soundcloud reposts have lousy engagement rates. The outliers are those which repost less frequently and upload more, behaving more like tags. The best ratios are found with celebrity channels, who not only repost less frequently and upload over promotional channels, but also exhume a character that fans can connect with. It’s a good deal easier to appreciate an artist than a channel or tag because there’s very little personality.

There’s a significant tipping point in engagement with reposts exceeding four a day, which everyone should take to heart as their limit that is everyday. Reposting more frequently to overcompensate for the lack of plays is, in fact, counter-productive and reduces engagement farther. Another optimization strategy may be to need your repost is scheduled in the best engagement time, which is when the vast majority of their Soundcloud audience has arrived at SoundCloud reposts or school of that station.
These findings will allow you to select your repost partners, along with better estimate the value of a paid offer.
There is a common strategy to give away your Soundcloud music promotion for free download in exchange as the name would suggest. Some follow for gates allow you to collect followers across stores and channels, collect emails, or even present content. For building an Soundcloud audience on SoundCloud this has turned into a must-do.

The findings apply to reposting, while the research methodology of this article was intended to address paid repost SoundCloud. The results shocked us as they afreal Soundcloud promotion firmed the belief that we formed by instinct — that the value of reposts was being diluted. It turns out that followers aren’t the best indicator for the number. The worthiness of a repost is directly on behavior and the character of this SoundCloud channel that is reposting. They upload, repost and who their Soundcloud audience consists of are influencing variables.


The Music Biz Bible


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